2016 – Engaging with the Public Sphere: Public Lectures

As part of the Mission for a Bright Africa seminar as a Public Lecture was held in Accra on the 14th of July, 2016. The key note speaker for the evening’s lecture was Bishop David Zac from Uganda. His topic was The Moral Quest for the Soul of our Nations (Between Consumer Leadership and Good Governance). Bishop Niringiye stressed the fact that the need of governance in every state is to serve the common good of the citizenry. However, he bemoaned the fact this is contrary to governance in the African context. It was made clear that contemporary African governments deliberately create systems and structures aimed at manipulating, oppressing and stealing resources otherwise meant for the citizenry.

Bishop Zac went further to suggest that the solutions to these problems are to tear down these killer governments, as well as to restructure these current governing structures through decentralization of power to the citizenry. Held at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences Auditorium, Accra, the public lecture was attended by over 100 people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and professions. The event was gracefully chaired by Prof. Stephen Adei with the ace and seasoned journalist Bernard Avle serving as the master of ceremony for the evening.